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Technical Expert

Maintenance & Expertise

Following a remarkable phase of growth, the French wind power sector is now facing a new industrial challenge: to reduce its marginal production costs in order to maintain a steady development whatever the electricity pricing scenario.

To assist you through this change, Atalante Services, a subsidiary of Atalante Energies, offers tailor-made solutions to manage your maintenance and operating costs, extend the life of key components and optimise the performance of your wind farms.

Our goals

Performance   Maintenance



Service life

- Identifying and resolving the causes
of under-performance
- Optimising regulatory curtailments

  - Preventing losses of production and anticipating breakages
- Prompt intervention to reduce costs
and losses
  Reducing mechanical fatigue to extend the service life of equipment


With the experience we have gained since 2011 as an independent producer, the Atalante Services technical team are well-qualified to offer solutions that have been tested and given the green light on our own wind farms:


Continuous monitoring and improvement
• Performance analysis
• Control and optimisation of nacelle alignment
• Calculation of power curve
• Adjustment of transfer function
• Optimisation of acoustic curtailments

  Kinematic chain expertise

• Vibration analysis (CMS)
• Video endoscopy
• Sampling and analysis of oil and grease
• Fine filtration and particle counting (OCM)
• Verification of gearbox-generator alignment
• Inspection and monitoring of main components


Technical audits and additional services

• Customised detailed visual inspection
• End-of-warranty check
• End-of-maintenance report
• Inspection of generator insulation
• Inspection of blades
• Control of blade angle
• ICPE assistance

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